2015-03-28 19.14.09Good day on the farm… but things move slow!

It was gorgeous today – 75 degrees and sunny.  We’re going on our second day spending a majority of the day outside and we’re all starting out the season with some nice sun tans!


2015-03-28 19.17.54We spent the morning working on our very overwhelming to do list, had a visit with some good friends to show2015-03-28 19.25.54 them around our new place, and then did some work on fencing, etc.  The sad part about that list that I previously mentioned… I think about 0.5 items got crossed off it today.  I’m realizing that things really do seem to slow down in the country – now to get to the point where I can embrace that.

2015-03-28 19.17.46We had to run up to the feed store to grab some supplies and I’m still in awe of how close to town we are!  I’ve spend the past 5 years learning how to live away from town and being very strategic about not having to run out for one quick thing… but now, it’s an option.



The boys just love helping Daddy with farm work!  2015-03-28 19.19.28

2015-03-28 14.49.49

We also saw four hawks flying overhead this afternoon… mental note to keep a close eye on kittens, chicks, and probably even puppies!

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