2015-03-19 13.40.55This little kitty (Isabelle, aka Biz) is going to be making her 15th move with me!

I got her when I was just 19 – during the summer after my Freshman year of college.  She started with me in Petoskey while I was working 4 different jobs – I worked most days at Black Forest Hall and Black Forest Farm, I ran the beer cart at a family friend’s golf course on occasional evenings, I worked at Teddy’s as a waitress other nights, and then also took care of feeding and caring for all the reptiles and small animals at a pet store in Petoskey.

2015-03-19 13.40.32The pet store didn’t have much experience with small animals and I had spent the last two years working at Preuss while I was still in high school and through the previous year in college.  I was able to swing by and care for everyone on my own time schedule, which was nice with my crazy work schedule.

2015-03-19 13.41.50Kitties were sometime included in my list of animals cared for, and early in the summer, the pet store got a Siamese mama cat in with her kittens.  I would let some of them out while I was working and play with them, and day by day they were sold off.  This sweet little girl was the last one left and I couldn’t bear to not bring her home with me… and we’ve been together ever since.

Places we’ve lived together:

  1. Petoskey House
  2. East Lansing Apartment (sophmore year at MSU)
  3. Okemos Home (my parents home, briefly before moving up north for the summer)
  4. Harbor Sp2015-03-19 13.40.01rings – BFH Trailer (while working a second summer on the farm)
  5. Okemos Home – (my parents home, briefly before I moved to the Lansing house)
  6. Lansing House – (junior year at MSU)
  7. Royal Oak House (for my internship in Detroit with Deloitte)
  8. Haslett Apartment – (senior year at MSU)
  9. Rochester Hills Apartment – (started my career in public accounting and attended grad school at Welsh College)
  10. Schick Home (purchased my first house)
  11. Aurora Condo (temporary housing when Kevin and I moved to Colorado)
  12. Foxfield House (in Castle Rock, Harbor was born in this home)
  13. Larksong House (in Castle Rock, Greyson was born in this home)
  14. Lake Gulch House (our fist move to the country… 40 acres in Castle Rock, Asher & Lynden were born in this home)
  15. Meadow Green House (in Franktown, Elias was born in this home)

2015-03-19 13.39.32And now, we are making our way to Elizabeth… and so very excited about it.  As you can see in the background of some of these pictures, we’re almost done packing.  We’re making the move ourselves, with some help from good friends.  To help make things go smoothly, we’ve moved all packed boxes and furniture down to the basement for easy loading.

We move in two days… can’t wait!


PS – it snowed today (among all the 60-70 degree weather we’ve had all week and will continue to have into the next week).  Happy we were planning on doing inside packing today!

2015-03-19 13.45.12

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