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Because we operate a “poly-culture” farm and take advantage of the God given symbiotic relationships that exist among all of the farm animals and vegetation, we offer pretty much every type of product that you would find on a farm.  We do have a few items that we reserve strictly for our Farm Share Members, but even these items are occasionally available when we have extra.

If you would like to simply “get shopping” – all of our offerings are available for purchase on the All Things Homestead website here:


We have chicken, duck, and goose eggs available for purchase.  Chicken eggs are available the majority of the year, and duck and goose eggs are available seasonally.  All of our birds are fed an organic, non-corn, non-soy, non-gmo feed and free range on our 35 acres.

Chicken (meat)

We raise a limited number of meat birds each year.  We use a free range system for these birds rather than the small, confining chicken tractors that are popular these days.  The best way to secure your chicken orders for the year is to sign up for our “Chicken Share” program.


We raise both heritage breed (smaller and slower growing) and broad breasted (larger and faster growing) turkeys.  They free range with the rest of the birds and are raised to be at a good size for butchering around Thanksgiving.  These guys go fast, so we suggest making your reservation early in the year.


We have hives right here at the farm that help pollinate our garden and provide us with delicious honey!  We also partner with Beeutiful Things in order to provide additional honey as we continue to grow our hives.

Raw Milk Shares

We offer both cow and goat raw milk shares.  Our ladies are all raised on pasture and enjoy a buffet of minerals and supplements to ensure the tastiest milk possible.

Pasture Pork

We raise Tamworth hogs that are known for their high quality meat as well as their high amounts of bacon.  They are raised on pasture and receive organic, non-corn, non-soy, non-gmo grain in addition to plenty of milk eggs, and scraps from our farm.

Grass Fed Lamb

Our Shropshire lamb stay with their mamas, enjoying their nourishing milk and are raised on pasture their entire lives.  They are medium large in size and produce an excellent carcass.

Grass Finished Beef

We have a small number of beef that we raise up each year when we end up with bull calves out of our dairy herd.  We also partner with another farm in order to bring our customers a high quality, heritage breed, grass fed and finished beef.

Heirloom Produce

We are working on growing our garden in order to provide an abundance of heirloom produce that has been organically grown.  For 2016, our produce is reserved exclusively for our Farm Share Members, but we hope to have some extra for sale in upcoming years.

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