Grass Raised Lamb

12754883_10208746213152355_1914645511_oWe raise Shropshire sheep, which are an old school, heritage breed.  They grow a bit slower than commercialized lambs, but do well on pasture and also produce a beautiful wool.  We also have some Horned Dorset sheep that we will eventually breed pure as well.  Both of these breads are listed through the Livestock Conservancy as heritage breeds.

Our lambs are raised strictly on pasture, free to roam with the rest of the livestock.  When hay supplementation is necessary, we bring in non-certified organic grass hay that has not been sprayed with herbicides or pesticides and has not been chemically fertilized.  Of course, no GMO’s.

As we continue to grow our flock, we do bring in some additional lambs once they have been weaned from their mamas.  Some of these lambs may be what is considered a ‘terminal cross’ meaning that they are a cross breed of a Shropshire with another breed.  We are confident that these crosses will still provide a wonderful carcass and plenty of delicious meat.


Our lamb is available for purchase by the half or the whole, usually in the fall, and can be purchased from the All Things Homestead website here:

Whole Lamb

Half Lamb


You can also find a listing of all the products we currently offer here:

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