Local Honey

12661991_1095006260529621_7271794477975577969_nWe both produce our own honey, here on our farm, and also partner with Beeutiful Things in order to bring a larger quantity of honey to our customers.  Our honey is not filtered, but merely strained so it retains all of the flavor and enzymes honey has to offer.  The honey is not heated to high temperatures that damage the properties that provide health benefits that everyone wants from all natural honey.

Additional hives maintained by Beeutiful Things are located along the Front Range on alfalfa fields and open ranges and farmlands.  This allows the bees access to all the pollen and nectar producing plants that Colorado has to offer.

We have honey available by the pound, the pint, or the quart.  We also have Honey Shares available to receive a quart or pint on a monthly basis.

Find all purchasing options on the All Things Homestead website here:

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