Pasture Poultry

Free Range Chicken

freedom-ranger-chickens-300x300We raise Freedom Rangers (a slower growing, more natural breed than the commercialized cornish cross) and use only organic, soy-free, corn-free, non-GMO feed.  The birds free range on our 35 acres in Elizabeth and are protected from predators by our livestock guard dogs.  Birds are generally 3-5lbs at time of processing.

Chicken is sold through chicken shares where you buy in early in the year and then pay a monthly share payment over the 6 months that you receive birds.

You can sign up for our chicken shares on the All Things Homestead website here:

Pasture Raised Turkey

20151125_151140We raise both heritage breed and broad breasted turkeys that are available just in time for Thanksgiving each year.

Our heritage breed turkeys are either Bourbon Red, Blue Slate, Narraganset, or Chocolate.  They are a bit smaller and slower growing than the traditional Broad Breasted turkeys that you will generally find at the grocery store. They free range all day long on pasture and receive an organic, non-corn, non-soy feed.

The broad breasted turkeys grow a bit faster and get a bit larger, ranging in size from 18-30lbs (sometimes larger).

We only raise a limited number of birds and like to have the majority of them spoken for before we order, so be sure to place your order early in the year!

Reserve your Heritage Breed Turkey here:

Reserve your Broad Breasted Turkey here:

Heritage Breed Turkey (Blue Slate)

Broad Breasted Turkey (bronze and white)

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