All Things Homestead (ATH) is your local source for all things “homesteading”.  We offer a variety of natural and organic foods, livestock feeds, pet food, farm & garden supplies, household products, personal care items, and more.

Our “Start Your Own Buying Club” program also gives you an opportunity to bring a large number of great products to your neighborhood or office and make a small income on the side.

All Things Local offers a convenient way to shop and receive offerings from local farmers.
Our grand opening is scheduled for Spring 2016!

We are also looking for farmers, individuals, committee members, and sponsors to join us.  There will be a number of different involvement levels – from simply joining as a producing member to joining the committee and helping form and direct the organization.

Heritage Feed Company offers only the highest quality feed for your livestock and poultry.  Our feeds are not processed in any way and are made of cleaned, whole grains – not bin run or screenings that are filled with dust and other debris.  We do highly recommend fermenting and/or sprouting of the feed in order to take advantage of the most nutrients found in the grains and seeds, although it is not necessary.
We hope that you will find that not only will your poultry and livestock LOVE this feed, but you will have to use less of it since there will be little to no waste.

First Generation Homestead provides online learning for sustainable living.  Perfect for the city dweller who has just began to think about basic sustainability as well as the die hard homesteader who is living off grid in the middle of nowhere.  We have a variety of courses available through our membership program as well as individual paid programs.
Courses will be available Summer 2016.

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