Livestock Guard Dogs

Livestock guard dogs (LGD’s) play a very important role on our farm.  They protect the livestock from a variety of predators and pests, including coyotes, skunks, rabbits, and even birds of pray.  Our LGD’s are a bit different than most in that they are very accepting of visitors.  They have been chosen for temperament and trained to accept guests onto our property and be friendly towards them.  2015-04-13 10.51.36

Our LGD’s are a cross between the Great Pyrenees (most influential) and the Anatolian Shepherd, with possibly some Meremma and Kuvasz mixed in there as well.  Some of the benefits in this cross include staying away from the Pyrenees large, stocky size, droopy jowls, and their potential for early burn out.

2015-04-30 11.18.43The most important thing we are going for in our dog’s genetics is their temperament.  We breed dogs that are laid back, friendly, polite, and mellow.  They are far more people oriented than many other LGDs and do well with human guests.  They are also very intelligent.  As working dogs, their job is to operate off of instinct rather than command.  They do have a great working instinct, which also often flows over to their relationship with people.

Our LGD’s  build is tall and trim, so with a lighter frame they are expected to last longer (similar to the Anatolian Shepherd who has an average life expectancy of 13-15 years).  The males average around 90-120 pounds and females weigh in at around 70-90 pounds.  Their coat is most commonly white, and medium to long in length, which helps them endure cold winter days outside.  Despite being white, they have a remarkable ability to keep themselves very clean, even in the muddiest of conditions.

DSC_6473The dogs we use in our breeding program are working dogs that guard livestock and acreage against predators.  These dogs work to establishing a territory and defending the borders against mountain lions, coyotes, foxes, coons, and other wild animals who threaten their property.  Most of these predators are driven away with very little to no actual physical confrontation.

If you are interested in establishing more of a relationship with your LGD, we recommend that you start out with just one puppy so that you are viewed as part of his or her pack.  However, if you live in an area where mountain lions or large coyote populations are a threat, or have a larger acreage to protect, two or more dogs are recommended.

We do have one breeding female on our farm and occasionally have these amazing dogs available for purchase.  Please check our For Sale page to find out when we expect our next litter.

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