2015/12 LGD Puppies

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Litter Information

Dam: Delilah (Pyrenees/Anatolian Cross – CMD)
…read more about Delilah here: Why We Love Delilah!

Sire: Titan (Pyrenees/Anatolian Cross – CMD) {owned by Travis & Jeanna Pfalzgraff}

Heat Cycle Started: September 26th

Day with Sire: October 3rd

Confirmed Tie: October 3rd

Due Date:  December 5th

Whelped: December 3rd

Whelping Duration: 5:00am – 10:44am (5.75 hours)

Number in Litter: 13 Total – 6 males and 7 females

Puppy Information

Weight Records

Puppy #3 – Green (male)

double duclaws


Puppy # 4 – Dark Blue (male)

double duclaws


Puppy # 5 – White (female)

double duclaws; darker ears.

Currently Available
This girl is independent and is already showing a great aptitude to be a great guard dog.
She should go to a homestead/ranch where she will have a working position where her gifts can be fully utilized.
She could also make a great breeder should she stay on the same track.  If this is something you are interested in, we have a male of a rare breed that we will be bringing in this summer that could be used as a stud to create a beautiful cross.  Please contact us if you are interested in learning more.

Puppy # 7 – Orange (male)

single duclaws

Currently Available
“Orange” is laid back and also friendly.  He does show a slight bit more of an “alpha” temperament towards the other pups – not aggressive compared to the majority of the dogs out there, but maybe a little more on that end for our genetics specifically.

Puppy # 8 – Brown (male)

single duclaws

Currently Available
Brown is very laid back and not as concerned with people and receiving attention as some of the others.  He is independent and would make a great working livestock guard dog for a homestead or ranch.

Puppy # 9 – Pink (female)

one single duclaw, one double duclaw


Puppy # 10 – Black (male)

single duclaws

Currently Available
Also known as “Huckle”, he is very personable, but also independent.  He would do great both on a ranch or in a home with plenty of space.  The most ideal home for him would most likely be a homestead where he could both work and be loved on by family members.

Puppy # 13 – Red (female)

single duclaws, two nails; her hair looks a bit more “kinky” than the rest… maybe she will be extra fluffy.


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